Low voltage lighting system

The technical data sheets for all lighting products are available in the Kameleon product brochure.


Kameleon K4

  • Relay panel
  • Kameleon KC411
  • Kameleon KC401
  • Kameleon KC451 (Block heater)

Kameleon K8

  • Echelon/Lonworks protocol
  • Relay panel
  • Kameleon software
  • Kameleon KC831
  • Kameleon KC821
  • Kameleon KC811
  • USB /lon interface

Kameleon K6

  • BACnet IP or MSTP protocol
  • Relay panel
  • Kameleon MSTP KC601
  • Kameleon IP KC600
  • Kameleon IP KC631
  • Kameleon IP KC621
  • Kameleon IP KC600 images

Components and accessories

  • Kameleon relay KR6161
  • Switches
  • Panasonic relays WR-6161


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